Friday, November 27, 2009

No more dripping noses! (or puking in buckets) Happy Holidays

I do believe after my bigger kids suffered thru the flu this past week that we are finally at long last healthy(er?). Thank you sweet baby Jesus. And with that we are back to sports, and playing in the mud and swinging and sliding and ahhhhh, just living life like we love it. It is so nice.

Do you realize that the holidays in whatever form you chose to celebrate them in, are fully upon us? Yes, it really is official. I spent the better part of my night (because I'm crazy like that) and this morning standing in insanely long lines for ridiculously good deals. And the deals are everywhere this season! Not just in your brick and mortar storefronts, but online too. After spending 3 hours (and I am soooooo sad to say this is NOT an understatement) in line at just the cutting table of Joanns, I got to come home and shop online!! Insert happy happy face here, I hate regular shopping. It gives me a headache and tends to bring out the really ugly and aggressive me when people cut in front of me or grab the last of the soft but not linty toilet paper, or you know, just breath? Yes, I regularly hate shopping. But I LOVE, LUB, LUV online shopping. And since I really love supporting my fellow handcrafters (and I just plain ol' think handmade is closer to one of a kind original=cooler) I like to head to Etsy. It supports work at home moms, artist, and our communities. The products are usually purchased locally, manufactured locally and sold locally. I Heart that!!

My first online stops are cruising the fellow SewingMamas on Etsy. These are some seriously talented mamas who are offering great discounts on their inventory and have the ability like me to make it custom. I know personally I have a 15% sale going on, and a BOGO sale too. Most of the other SewingMamas Team are doing something similar. If you get a chance, or your trying to find creative ways to buy for your friends and family, check it out:

Happy Holidays, be safe and be merry. For me, I'm off to window shop from my comfy desk chair

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stocking Stuffers

Did you know that there are only 38 days until Christmas! Gahhhh, where did this year go? It seems like just yesterday I was anxiously waiting to be done with pregnancy. Now I'm anxiously chasing around a toddling baby boy.

I was right yesterday. Partly. Not one ear infection but double ear infections. Poor guy. He is back on antibiotics and seems to be doing much better. Though the Mr. and I got hit hard with a flu bug and spent the day fighting over bathroom time. The Mr. suprised me by being sweet and helpful (as opposed to being whiny and needy) and somehow we managed to keep both kids taken care of in spite of being so sick and achy.

I'm working on adding some stocking stuffers to my Etsy store. I have some great gift options in the $5-$10 range for those people you want to pamper and treat. Check it out

Monday, November 16, 2009

Really? How does that happen? lol

Well, I didn't realize that it has been so long since I visited my own blog. 10 lashings with a limp noodle and into my corner.

Actually, our house has been under seige with one illness or another. Nothing major or even a big deal, except the length of time that we have been the "sick" house. We've had croup, sore throats, sinus infections, ear infections, PARVO (see that sweet face in my last post? Brownie was only with us for a little over 3 weeks. And in spite of being immunized for it, he still caught it and lost that battle. I was pretty heartbroken), back to sinus infections, teething, learning to walk (the baby, I've been doing it for well over 30 years), and I think we are back to another ear infection. Needless to say Mommy's hands have been needed elsewhere.

Let's see: The holidays are quickly approaching and I am soooooo far behind. I have something made for each of the kids, and 3 of the four nieces and nephews. It's holiday craft fair time and I have been pretty busy trying to prepare for that (trust me, my blog isn't the only thing neglected these days, you should see my poor house after a week of mad sewing!). I have something for my MIL and SIL, and my Dad. But I still need to do something for the FIL, my sister and brother, my stepmother, and then some birthday sewing for my niece. GAH, that seems almost insurmountable.

I'll be back later to post pictures of what I've been up to.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ahhh, new love

So we are still stuck in sicko land here. It is either the kids or me, me or the kids, but none of us are all healthy at the same time! I hate it. Right now I'm on antibiotics, inhalers, allergy meds, cough expectorant (helps loosen things up), and still think it is turning into pneumonia. I love that we live in an area where fresh produce is so abundant, but hate the fact that it puts lots of allergens into the air. I don't think I have had a healthy September/October for the past 9 years.

On a brighter note, we have a new member of our family. He arrived yesterday (no, I didn't have another baby! lol), and his name is Brownie. He is an Australian Shepard, 4.5 months old, and so stinking sweet. In less than five minutes he was a welcome addition to our household, sitting prettily, fetching, laying down when told, and chasing the bigger boy around like a loon. Shorty (our Corgy) was a little confused as to why we would think we needed another dog, but she is mature for her age, so she doesn't get that playing chase and fetch with the kids is FUN, and it can be done even when you are an old lady at the age of 1. They have since established who is in charge, and are getting along great.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It Aint Easy

I'm sorry I have ditched the blog in the past week. We are suffering with yet another round of viral bugs in our house. Thankfully this time, the kids are sleeping at night. But during the day, OY! Whining, snotty-ness reigns supreme.

This last Thursday was the Big Guy's and mine 3rd wedding anniversary. We did jack squat to celebrate. Wait, I got him an Oakland Raiders Jersey because that is what he wanted. (I wanted some time for just the two of us, and something romantic or sweet, like a love note) I got NADA but a kiss on the forehead and a happy anni on the way out. Men stink, love stinks, blah, blah, blah. Big Guy doesn't understand why I am completely bent about this.

I really didn't ask for anything but time. HE went to his union meeting that didn't end up happening, and instead of coming home to the wife and kids on a special day, he hung out and ate with the few guys who showed up. Got home and promised we would do something this weekend. Friday night rolls around and he hangs out with the tattoo artist for a couple of hours, then his dad, then it is time for bed. Saturday he left the house at 9 am, didn't get home until after 10 pm, spent all of 30 minutes with us (read ME) to eat dinner. Sunday he did actually spend some time with our oldest son. But as soon as I got back from my shopping nirvana, he left to see his friend that he "hasn't seen in a couple of weeks". Got home and it was time for bed. Monday, he went Walmart shopping with us. And on none of those days did I recieve more than a peck on the cheek.

I'm completely irked. Understatement. Pissed off fits better. All I wanted was to cuddle up in bed and watch a movie. Or get a stupid "I love you so much, thank you for being my wife" note.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It Hurts So Good

Living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. In fact, it is incredibly hard. If you are a junk food junkie or a carb addict like me, you are bombarded daily with temptation. The little people in your house like to have graham crackers on hand. The bigger little people (so what if she is already 2 inches taller than me! She will always be one of my little ones) need snacks and prefer (quite vocally in that whiny tone that is like nails on chalk board) that they need the individual pudding packs for theirs. And then there are the chips. OH.MY.LORD. Save me from chips. I don't even LOVE Doritos and they call my name at 4 in the afternoon. Why does the big person (that would be my husband) insist on having doritos in the house?

I keep a vast array of healthy choices on hand. Apples, nectarines, bananas, mangos, strawberries. Plain yogurt to eat with those fruits. I keep brocoli and carrots, and baby bells and sugar snap peas(which out of all those things listed, is the ONLY one that I can just sit and eat and eat and eat because those little suckers are sooooo flipping good) in the veggie drawer. And yet, if I am starving hungry or just craving something to snack on, I find my hands reaching for the chips or puddings or grahams on their own. My brain is saying, eat an apple, it will fill you up and stick around for awhile. Plus you know, we have that whole apple a day saying.. and still it is reaching. So I eat my apple, and glare at the stupid chips.

Because you know what? I am not busting my ass on the stupid treadmill or lifting weights to blow it all to hell with a stupid bag of chips. SO THERE!

I gave up the Shred. I know, I know. Two weeks ago I was all "the shred is the most awesomest, makes you want to cry because it kicks your butt" routine. But the shred wasn't shredding me. Granted, I can do a push up now, and my cardio vascular endurance is greatly improved. But my waistline and butt weren't improving and sad to say, that matters far more to me right now than my heart health lol. So I went back to the basics for me. Body for Life is probably one of the easiest and most effective lifestyle chaning programs I have ever attempted. When you are exercising 6 days a week it quickly becomes a habit. And you get hooked on those endorphins. I brag to my friend (who spends a whole HOUR!!!) on her cardio about how sore I am. Like it is an honor badge. And I guess in a way it is. Those sore muscles from my 3 days a week with weights signify change. My muscles are experiencing tiny tears so they can rebuild to be better, leaner muscles. There are a lot of bragging rights associated with a cardio workout that leaves your legs limp like spaghetti noodles and you so whooped you want to puke. (yes, I am an exercise sadist, I strongly believe in the no pain no gain mantra).

And I find it much easier to reach for my fruits and veggies, filling up on whole clean, fiber rich foods when I know that if I eat those chips or that snack pack of pudding it will negate some of the hard work I put in earlier that day.

So follow along if you want for the next 12 weeks as I get ripped (or at least back to baby-making shape). And if you are looking to make a huge life changing transformation with your body and your lifestyle, check into Body For Life. It really does work.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Ode to the Taco Truck

We had a pretty busy weekend, full of birthday parties with all the birthday food delights, over-stimulated toddlers, and mom rushing around like a chicken with her head cut off. WE are exhausted. But had a great time. I (having been dieting unsucessfully for oh, 6 months) made up for lost time. I ate pizza, I ate cake, I ate Taco Truck tacos. Yeah, I definately ate those tacos. And LOTS of them. At least it felt like lots at 4 in the morning when my stomach was a mess. And honestly if I were to be told that I could eat those tacos without gaining weight (think meat cooked in lard! tortillas heated in that same lard, oh so yummy) I would probably do it again. But alas, my stomach has decided it can't handle the grease and the spice anymore. Oh yeah, I ate more cake.

I am proud to say that other than a pack of crayons and a coloring book for each tote, I made every gift that was given at the three parties this weekend. The Thomas set posted in yesterdays entry was the gift for the first party, then I made a Cars tote bag with individual car slots and crayon roll. And the third (that was actually combined with the second party) I made the girl an oversized bag. Everything was well recieved, and all my fabrics were purchased at clearance prices (think less than $2 a yard. pretty good for character prints)

Ok, today it is back on the healthy food bandwagon, and I have to finish up a custom wrap. I'm contemplating opening up a hyena cart store as well as my etsy shop, because well, I would like to sell more stuff lol.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

For Melissa, boys stuff!

Melissa, one of my wonderful "followers" (lol I love how cultish that sounds) requested that when I find something to make for little boys I let her know. So here is the photo montage of the kick butt boy stuff I have found.

A art tote, complete with crayon roll and eye spy bag.
A fall winter fleece longies set with matching shirt.
A pair of flannel drawstring pj pants with appliqued shirt.

I know it is hard to find cute stuff to make for little boys. But you can always make standard boring stuff fun if you use fun fabrics. Happy creating!

Life Happens

OYE! Things keep popping up that keep me away from my pet projects. Although, since I have been sewing I guess that wouldn't be an entirely true statement. I have several custom orders to get finished, have had three birthdays to sew gifts for, and darn it all, my kids like to tease me!

One night they let me sleep for more than 4 hours straight. I'm telling you, it is a sad state of affairs when you are excited about 4 measly little hours. But I am. Then the next night I try to repeat whatever magic trick I did the night before (when really I have NO clue, just flying by the seat of my pants), and it NEVER works! :( They are up every hour. Taking turns.

I know most people loath hearing about the blogging momma's advanced kiddos, but I have to tell you, when your 8 m.o. is taking turns, you are doing something right. I just wish he was sleeping. Regularly. Standard baby hours would be fantastic too. I'm probably asking for too much lol.

Anywho, the purpose of this post is to inform all my peeps that I finally got an instructional DVD put together to send out with my wrapss. It only took me almost a month. But it is done, and I am relieved. It just seems like one more step to being proffessional.

I made a purse for a 14 year old girl's birthday. I haven't touched on doing/sewing something for the little boy, but I'm sure something will come to me. It always does.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a Drive By

We are heading to the zoo today. My best friends son is turning 3 and she wants to do a boy excursion. I forewarned her that Kilian is teething, Kane is a terrible two and I am beat, but she thinks it's a good idea.

We'll see. I have my duobts but I'm always up for a challenge lol.

Monday, August 24, 2009

No zzzz's for me, among other things

So I'm on a sleeping strike. Not by my own personal choice per say, but it's here regardless. My youngest son is working on cutting his second tooth and he really just thinks that it is easier if Momma is sitting up in the chair, holding him ALL.NIGHT.LONG. while this happens.

Me, I'm a pretty patient person. But I don't know that I'm patient enough to sit up at the computer, night after night just waiting for this magical event to happen. I'm tired. And Kilian isn't one of those super nice, super sweet babies that is content to coo and grin. He likes to try and give me a lobotomy with his super sharp fingernails. Figures if he is suffering in pain and awake too, I should probably be awake and suffering physically too. He doesn't understand that I am suffering physically. I'm *shredding* and THAT hurts.

So because the Mr. is making noises about it being time to start trying for the fifth and final installment in our "little" (lol) family, and I refuse to get pregnant while still carrying around the extra baggage from the last one, I torture myself daily with the evil but oh so effective Julian Micheals 30 Day Shred. I love and hate Julian. She is mean, guilting me into putting every ounce of my non-existent energy into those 20 minutes. "There is no modification for the jumping jack people. If I have 400 pound clients that can do it, you can too". Uggg, do your 400 pounders get more than 2 hours of sleep? My body aches from fatigue alone, lets pile excessive exercise on top of that. However, she is motivating. And the shed is effective. She just hurts me daily.

But I don't want to be one of those women who have kids and their bodies go to hell. I know it isn't realistic, but I hold myself to the standards of Heidi Klum who can pop out a kid and be back on the runway a mere few months later. Yes I know they have personal trainers (Hello?! I have Juliane AND Bob at my disposal 24 hours a day!), personal chefs who whip up whatever their bodies need for fuel. I am the personal chef in this house and we do pretty well. (well, except for the emergency M&M stash. But that is gone. Potty training by chocolate wasn't working anyways) There are fresh fruits and veggies and whole grain with with lean meats. The only thing I don't see happening is the nanny to watch the kiddos while I devote my time to getting fit. And I really wouldn't want that anyways. The kids hanging on my legs and sitting on my chest as I work out is extra resistance.

Sooo, I'm off to finish my artificial energy and to sweat and curse, get one day closer to reaching a weight that makes me feel comfortable enough to start regaining again lol.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yummm, M&M's, and diet shakes!

So, 8 months ago today I gave birth to my FOURTH baby. Exactly 18 months and 1 week after I had given birth to my THIRD baby. Now, prior to the third, my body was doing pretty good. Yes I had some extra pounds, but I was pretty solid, definately in good cardiovascular shape. And ALL my clothes fit.

Fast forward to today, where I am busting my butt, sweating rivers, gasping for air and cursing Juliane Micheals at the same time. I desperately want to lose this extra 15-20 pounds that Kilian has gifted me. (Ya, so incredibly unfair, I gave him life, nourishment, my sex life, the ability to use the restroom without an audience, and my sleep, he gave me fat! Anybody esle see the injustice?) So, I get up in the morning (which is actually only 3 hours after I finally got to bed), feed the boys their breakfast and Kilian his bottle. Do the diaper changes and such, all before I have even drank a half cup of coffee. Finish my coffee, get suited up, and get to it. My jumping jacks are interrupted because my oldest son wants to hold onto my legs, or worse, sit on my feet. My situps are doubly hard, because the baby wants to sit on my chest and pull my eyelids off my face. But persevere. I do it all baby, and I have the sweaty hair and sticky clothes to prove it. Now to eat a clean day. Egg white scramble on a whole wheat tortilla. Turkey marinara with ww noodles.
And then Kane wakes up from his nap. Instead of the nectarine and the graham crackers I have for his afternoon snack, he zeros in on the emergency stash of M&M's. Dam*it! I can resist an unopened bag. I can resist the graham crackers, even the gummy worms. But I DO.NOT.HAVE. the willpower to resist an open bag of chocolate. Sorry backside. Sorry favorite jeans. Looks like you are hanging out a bit longer back flab.

So that is how my afternoon snack was. Original M&M's washed down with a half portion of the nastiest protien shake ever. Maybe next time I can blend the two together? lol

Friday, August 21, 2009

Being a Better Blogger

Sooo, I realized that I suck at blogging. I have tons of pathetic (ok, in my world they really aren't pathetic, they are valid and real lol) excuses. Regardless, they keep me from posting sometimes. But I am working on it. I just joined the SITS (The Secrets is in the Sauce, you can see my button) to help encourage me to read more blogs, post more comments, and maybe get a little more posted here too. It seems like a really great concept and I can't wait to see how it goes.

Now I just need to find more interesting subject matter.

For the mundane, my husband is home sick with pneumonia. I know this sound horrible, but I really don't like it when he is home from work during the week. And not only is he just occupying space on the couch, he is whiny. Ugggg. Wish me patience and vast amounts of kindness.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello? hello? (echo, echoooooo)

lol Most of the time I feel like I am doing this blog just to hear (ok, see) myself type. Oh well, it is a good documentation of the days of my life.

Life doesn't slow down in our house. Not even for sleep. Littlest Man is teething, Big Brother is sick and momma gets no sleep.

I've still managed to finish up some custom orders (though I'm not overly fond of them, they are exactly what she wanted), and part of the Christmas present for my oldest daughter. The customs are newborn pillowcase outfits in safari animal prints. They turned out well enough, I just don't particularly care for the prints used. But she is excited to get them and gift them, so I am happy for that.

I'm working on making her a "grown up" shirt that I had planned on finishing long before school started. Yes, we are two weeks into the new school year and I barely have the neckline cut out. What I wouldn't give for a full nights sleep and a full day of sewing (sans computer, it's a HUGE distraction for me).

For ODD's X-Mas gift, she is getting a super cute purse with matching wristlet for girly things and some makeup. This was my first purse ever and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I got the free pattern and tutorial from LOLA..Again, and it is the "Angel" pattern. I *almost* want to keep this one for myself and make her another. Almost lol.

Since it was requested, the link to the Lola..Again blogspot where I found the fabulous zebra bag pattern is here:. I didn't do a direct link to the tutorial, because quite honestly, there are too many rules on these things, and she has some amazing projects on her blog. You should check out the whole thing. Happy creating!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where did the time go?

It has been an emotional week. Somehow I went from having two adorable little toddler girls to having two stunning preteen girls and two adorable little boys. When did they grow up on me?

My oldest daughter started junior high this past Thursday. My youngest son cut his first tooth. My oldest son is composing full, complex sentences, and my youngest daughter started wearing a real bra!

I wish there were more hours in the day. More time to snuggle them all up and hours to just watch their sweet sleeping faces. It's a shame that when you become a mom you don't develop the ability to add hours in. So instead of piling my four babies in the bed for popcorn movies and cuddles, I have to waste that precious time managing our lives and working (though I LOVE what I do, don't get me wrong)

This is the outfit that kept me from the fun stuff yesterday. I love how it turned out. I enjoyed the fact that I had the freedom to do "whatever you think looks good", it is all self drafted and I had a great time doing it. I just had to miss a few of those precious moments.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Almost upon us, CPSAI that is

If any of you are momprenuers, you know that awful, hair pulling, frightened shudder that those letters can produce. Talk about a chill up the spine! August 14 is the big day when all products intended for use by children 12 and under have to meet some pretty stringent labeling criteria.

As I'm new to being a WAHM in the production aspect, this has given me nightmares, headaches, and probably a few new grey hairs. I mean, could they (being the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Panel, whatever) be any less clear in their wording for meeting those requirements? I don't believe they can. So after agonizing over how to do this or that, how to meet the minimum requirements, trying to decipher what exactly they need from me, I finally have it figured out. I think. It all boils down to labeling for me. And some crossed fingers, breath holding, and prayers that one certain proposal (this one: ) is approved. It would exempt textiles, both natural and synthetic from the very expensive lead testing.

So that is what I have been working on this past week. Getting all my ducks in order, so to speak. Trying to figure out how someone like me who only makes one or two items out of the materials at hand can properly meet those labeling standards. I mean, I don't have a "batch", I have one item. I can't order up 50 labels with one date of manufacture on them, because with two babies and two pre-teens I am lucky to get even one project completed a day. And individual care labels? Come on! But I found the solution thru the help of other momprenuers, and some fellow crafty bloggers. I made my own labels. It was a bit of a challenge, but that is due to me being challenged by complex computer operations like photo-editing. lol

The links to the blogs I visited for inspiration are in my links section. I found making my own labels to be very cost effective too. About $7 for 96 loop labels, and I think it will give my products a more professional appearance too. Even if you just enjoy making homemade gifts for your friends and family, labeling is a great way to give your creation an extra punch of polish. And who doesn't want to have their name stamped on something beautiful they created?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sorry for the Hiatus

Well, we have been a bit busy here. We went on a little weekend getaway for DH's work, took a side trip to the coast, the boys aren't sleeping (which makes mommy TIRED) well, the girls are about to start school in another week, and I got my Etsy shop set up!

Actually, I got the shop set up right before we left, then set it to vacation mode. When we got back, I turned my vacay mode off and by the next morning I had my first sale! Insert happy dance, giant smiley face, etc here; it wasn't a big ticket item, but it was super exciting to see somebody else wanting something that I had made.

Anyways, I am almost back to a project a day. Some days it takes a bit longer, depending on what I'm working on, but I have been totally focused on getting some gifts finished and adding stuff to my store.

If you want to see what I have been up to, come visit me at !

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ahhh, another day, another project

Yesterday was a busy busy day. I decided to try and get some unfinished business taken care of. And when that was done, I wanted to tackle the apron, chef hat and pot holder for my youngest daughters Christmas gift.

The unfinished projects were easy-peasy. Finishing Touches on a custom wrap, a dress, trying to master the snap pliers (I think I *might* have it down but had to remove three sets!!! from a super cute bitty fluff diaper first), and then I could have "fun" with the Christmas projects. First, let me give you some insight into Dustie's brain: I don't do patterns. And when I do use patterns, I mess them up, or scrap them after a bit and "wing it". Sooooo, this chef hat, it looks really simple. Four pattern pieces, pretty straightforward. Until I get to the piecing it together part and realize they are calling for another piece! One that isn't inculed in the free pattern! GAH, what do I do? I scrap following the pattern, make my own piece and go from there. (Did I mention that I basted for the first time yesterday?! Now, THAT was a trial in patience) Once I decided that I didn't need to follow the directions from the pattern, things went very smoothly, aside from me cursing the idea of basting. Basting is not easy. My little "P" foot doesn't actually meet the foot plate of my machine, the machine doesn't just let you whip those basted stitches out either. It is press the foot pedal down, let it up, press it down, pause, press it down again, ahhh, too soon, let it up again, and so on and so forth. Very frustrating. Then having to manually feed the material in a even way is new to me. But the finished product is fantastic and I know a little girl that will LOVE it.

For her apron, again no pattern. Well, I used part of the pattern I drafted to make her 4th of July shirt, extended it, finished the edges with double fold bias tape, sewed on some pockets, made my ties and viola! DONE! Ohh, wait, I also made her the matching pot holder and had to fudge double fold bias tape for that one too. But it all turned out lovely and I believe come December, she is going to love it all.

(The chefs hat was a free downloadable pattern from "You Can Make This", and like I said, I just did my own thing for the apron and pot holder.)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Summertime

I have two friends that are both due to have little girls in the next month or so. I am so happy for them, and excited to have a good (rational) excuse to sew up some super girly cuteness. They are both recieving wraps of course, but a little extra bonus too. A summertime staple for little girls, the Pillowcase Dress with matching bloomers. I love making these, but they make me yearn for a little princess to play dress up with again. Ahhh, someday, maybe. lol

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Monster Lovey Complete

My first Moster Lovey turned out pretty good. Not perfect, and I used scrappy fleece, but it was a huge hit for the lil' man. Kilian latched onto it and held it for well over an hour. He pushed it around on the floor for a bit, then he gnawed on it for another little bit, and then when he had had enough of independant play and wanted to be held, he still held on tight while he took his evening bottle. I would say that this lovey was well recieved and they should be a big hit with all my little's this Christmas.

Slideshow Stumper?

I am sooo terribly computer impaired. What should take a matter of minutes to do ends up consuming a huge portion of my day. My kids are napping and I should be sleeping while they are (cause Lord knows, they aren't letting me get any sleep at night lately!), but Noooo, I am determined to get this wonderful slideshow of my kiddos and projects posted.

These are two of my most recent projects. Bamboo/cotton jersey wraps with cotton panels added for extra support (and to pretty them up!). The red one has a cell phone pocket and the turquoise one is hand dyed by me. I love these things and will be featuring them on my Etsy shop as soon as it is up and running. They are so wonderful for bonding with our little ones, giving Mom (or Dad) a free hand and most importantly to me, they are the most comfortable way to keep your baby close. Wraps evenly distribute the weight of your baby/toddler across both shoulders and hips eliminating the strain on your back. You can carry your baby in a cradle position for newborns, nurse discretely, facing out, or facing in, on your back. They are one size fits most due to the materials used to make them, and will easily last your baby from their first day home until they are toddlers too tired to walk. I LOVE babywearing!!

A Project a Day

I have lots of big plans for my growing by the day stash of fabric. I plan on making Christmas this year instead of buying it. My kids have too much as it is, and those store bought items seem to be quickly forgotten. I have a total of 9 kids to give gifts to this year, and three of those kids (mine) have birthdays during the two weeks surrounding Chistmas. Needless to say, the holidays are a tough but fun time of year for us.

I have to make:

1 makeup case

1 tote

1 childs apron

1 pot holder

1 childs chef hat

5 eye spy pouches

3 chalk mats

3 art totes

3 chalk/crayon rolls

3 super hero capes

3 soft blocks

3 monster loveys

1 pencil roll

As you can see, my sewing "plate" is full. Added to that, I am in the process of starting an Etsy store selling my cloth diapers, wraps, and childrens clothing. Busy, busy. Thank goodness this isn't a "job" to me but a passion and escape. I'm going to try to post each project as it progresses, or at least as it is completed.

This weekends wrap, bamboo/cotton jersey, hand dyed. Decorative cotton panel for extra support and to make it extra pretty.

Here is todays wrap, bamboo/cotton jersey. Has a decorative cotton panel and cell phone pocket for added support and functionality.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How it all began..

I never thought I would ever be labeled "crunchy" by anyone. Then I decided to stay at home with my oldest son. Well, actually it was decided for me by several doctors. I suffered from severe PPD and going back to a high stress job just wasn't in my (or my patients) best interest. Unfortunately that made a negative impact on our finances. So I tossed around the idea of cloth diapering for a while. And then tossed it around some more. And then discarded it as too much work, and too great of an initial investment.

Fast forward 18 months to the birth of our second son and the loss of even my babysitting income, the inability to breastfeed him for an extended time and we really needed to cut out something, somewhere. Then factor in two babies in diapers, the two bags of trash a day, needing an extra city refuse can, and the overall stench of disposables and we (mainly I, DH defers diaper duty as often as possible, sneaky man) were ready to take the plunge.

So off I went into blog, forum and shopping cart bliss, researching everything there is to know. I spent weeks glued to my computer. Where I quickly discovered that with my diaper budget (about $100 a month) I would only be able to buy about 5 quality diapers each month. WTH?? Hmmm, I thought cd'ing was supposed to save you money? Ummm, yes and no. You see, cloth diapering is in vogue now and it isn't the flats, pins and rubber pants of yonder years. These can be as chic as you want them, or those prefolds and birdseye flats that make most people shudder are still around. I stuck with my budget, bought the diaper service quality prefolds and vowed to find a way to get the good "fluff" without breaking the bank or swayiing from my original goal to save money.

And somewhere along the internet highway I found my calling, to be the crunchy/hip, cd'ing, babywearing, babyfood making momma I was meant to be.