Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ahhh, another day, another project

Yesterday was a busy busy day. I decided to try and get some unfinished business taken care of. And when that was done, I wanted to tackle the apron, chef hat and pot holder for my youngest daughters Christmas gift.

The unfinished projects were easy-peasy. Finishing Touches on a custom wrap, a dress, trying to master the snap pliers (I think I *might* have it down but had to remove three sets!!! from a super cute bitty fluff diaper first), and then I could have "fun" with the Christmas projects. First, let me give you some insight into Dustie's brain: I don't do patterns. And when I do use patterns, I mess them up, or scrap them after a bit and "wing it". Sooooo, this chef hat, it looks really simple. Four pattern pieces, pretty straightforward. Until I get to the piecing it together part and realize they are calling for another piece! One that isn't inculed in the free pattern! GAH, what do I do? I scrap following the pattern, make my own piece and go from there. (Did I mention that I basted for the first time yesterday?! Now, THAT was a trial in patience) Once I decided that I didn't need to follow the directions from the pattern, things went very smoothly, aside from me cursing the idea of basting. Basting is not easy. My little "P" foot doesn't actually meet the foot plate of my machine, the machine doesn't just let you whip those basted stitches out either. It is press the foot pedal down, let it up, press it down, pause, press it down again, ahhh, too soon, let it up again, and so on and so forth. Very frustrating. Then having to manually feed the material in a even way is new to me. But the finished product is fantastic and I know a little girl that will LOVE it.

For her apron, again no pattern. Well, I used part of the pattern I drafted to make her 4th of July shirt, extended it, finished the edges with double fold bias tape, sewed on some pockets, made my ties and viola! DONE! Ohh, wait, I also made her the matching pot holder and had to fudge double fold bias tape for that one too. But it all turned out lovely and I believe come December, she is going to love it all.

(The chefs hat was a free downloadable pattern from "You Can Make This", and like I said, I just did my own thing for the apron and pot holder.)


  1. Can you post a link for the chefs hat? This turned out adorable!

  2. the link for the chefs hat is to the left under links. It is super cute, thanks!