Monday, November 16, 2009

Really? How does that happen? lol

Well, I didn't realize that it has been so long since I visited my own blog. 10 lashings with a limp noodle and into my corner.

Actually, our house has been under seige with one illness or another. Nothing major or even a big deal, except the length of time that we have been the "sick" house. We've had croup, sore throats, sinus infections, ear infections, PARVO (see that sweet face in my last post? Brownie was only with us for a little over 3 weeks. And in spite of being immunized for it, he still caught it and lost that battle. I was pretty heartbroken), back to sinus infections, teething, learning to walk (the baby, I've been doing it for well over 30 years), and I think we are back to another ear infection. Needless to say Mommy's hands have been needed elsewhere.

Let's see: The holidays are quickly approaching and I am soooooo far behind. I have something made for each of the kids, and 3 of the four nieces and nephews. It's holiday craft fair time and I have been pretty busy trying to prepare for that (trust me, my blog isn't the only thing neglected these days, you should see my poor house after a week of mad sewing!). I have something for my MIL and SIL, and my Dad. But I still need to do something for the FIL, my sister and brother, my stepmother, and then some birthday sewing for my niece. GAH, that seems almost insurmountable.

I'll be back later to post pictures of what I've been up to.

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