Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It Hurts So Good

Living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. In fact, it is incredibly hard. If you are a junk food junkie or a carb addict like me, you are bombarded daily with temptation. The little people in your house like to have graham crackers on hand. The bigger little people (so what if she is already 2 inches taller than me! She will always be one of my little ones) need snacks and prefer (quite vocally in that whiny tone that is like nails on chalk board) that they need the individual pudding packs for theirs. And then there are the chips. OH.MY.LORD. Save me from chips. I don't even LOVE Doritos and they call my name at 4 in the afternoon. Why does the big person (that would be my husband) insist on having doritos in the house?

I keep a vast array of healthy choices on hand. Apples, nectarines, bananas, mangos, strawberries. Plain yogurt to eat with those fruits. I keep brocoli and carrots, and baby bells and sugar snap peas(which out of all those things listed, is the ONLY one that I can just sit and eat and eat and eat because those little suckers are sooooo flipping good) in the veggie drawer. And yet, if I am starving hungry or just craving something to snack on, I find my hands reaching for the chips or puddings or grahams on their own. My brain is saying, eat an apple, it will fill you up and stick around for awhile. Plus you know, we have that whole apple a day saying.. and still it is reaching. So I eat my apple, and glare at the stupid chips.

Because you know what? I am not busting my ass on the stupid treadmill or lifting weights to blow it all to hell with a stupid bag of chips. SO THERE!

I gave up the Shred. I know, I know. Two weeks ago I was all "the shred is the most awesomest, makes you want to cry because it kicks your butt" routine. But the shred wasn't shredding me. Granted, I can do a push up now, and my cardio vascular endurance is greatly improved. But my waistline and butt weren't improving and sad to say, that matters far more to me right now than my heart health lol. So I went back to the basics for me. Body for Life is probably one of the easiest and most effective lifestyle chaning programs I have ever attempted. When you are exercising 6 days a week it quickly becomes a habit. And you get hooked on those endorphins. I brag to my friend (who spends a whole HOUR!!!) on her cardio about how sore I am. Like it is an honor badge. And I guess in a way it is. Those sore muscles from my 3 days a week with weights signify change. My muscles are experiencing tiny tears so they can rebuild to be better, leaner muscles. There are a lot of bragging rights associated with a cardio workout that leaves your legs limp like spaghetti noodles and you so whooped you want to puke. (yes, I am an exercise sadist, I strongly believe in the no pain no gain mantra).

And I find it much easier to reach for my fruits and veggies, filling up on whole clean, fiber rich foods when I know that if I eat those chips or that snack pack of pudding it will negate some of the hard work I put in earlier that day.

So follow along if you want for the next 12 weeks as I get ripped (or at least back to baby-making shape). And if you are looking to make a huge life changing transformation with your body and your lifestyle, check into Body For Life. It really does work.


  1. I sooo need to exercise too! Maybe you have inspired me...might go wipe the dust off the Wii Fit!!

  2. lol We have a Wii, but don't have the fit. Maybe we can get that for the girls for Christmas (and momma can use it).

    We have a treadmill and a HUGE weight room set up. I never use it, because I don't want the kiddos to be around all the moving heavy parts. SO I primarily use dumbells and focus on my form. It seems to give better results that way.

    You go and workout! It does wonders for the mind, and I tend to be more energetic throughout the day when I do.

  3. I agree with no pain no gain. If I'm not sore after the gym I feel like I didn't do a good workout! I buy my hubs chips I don't like so I won't be tempted to eat them. Works about 99% of the time :)

  4. I know I couldn't do the shred. I'd probably just cry throughout it..