Friday, November 27, 2009

No more dripping noses! (or puking in buckets) Happy Holidays

I do believe after my bigger kids suffered thru the flu this past week that we are finally at long last healthy(er?). Thank you sweet baby Jesus. And with that we are back to sports, and playing in the mud and swinging and sliding and ahhhhh, just living life like we love it. It is so nice.

Do you realize that the holidays in whatever form you chose to celebrate them in, are fully upon us? Yes, it really is official. I spent the better part of my night (because I'm crazy like that) and this morning standing in insanely long lines for ridiculously good deals. And the deals are everywhere this season! Not just in your brick and mortar storefronts, but online too. After spending 3 hours (and I am soooooo sad to say this is NOT an understatement) in line at just the cutting table of Joanns, I got to come home and shop online!! Insert happy happy face here, I hate regular shopping. It gives me a headache and tends to bring out the really ugly and aggressive me when people cut in front of me or grab the last of the soft but not linty toilet paper, or you know, just breath? Yes, I regularly hate shopping. But I LOVE, LUB, LUV online shopping. And since I really love supporting my fellow handcrafters (and I just plain ol' think handmade is closer to one of a kind original=cooler) I like to head to Etsy. It supports work at home moms, artist, and our communities. The products are usually purchased locally, manufactured locally and sold locally. I Heart that!!

My first online stops are cruising the fellow SewingMamas on Etsy. These are some seriously talented mamas who are offering great discounts on their inventory and have the ability like me to make it custom. I know personally I have a 15% sale going on, and a BOGO sale too. Most of the other SewingMamas Team are doing something similar. If you get a chance, or your trying to find creative ways to buy for your friends and family, check it out:

Happy Holidays, be safe and be merry. For me, I'm off to window shop from my comfy desk chair

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