Friday, August 21, 2009

Being a Better Blogger

Sooo, I realized that I suck at blogging. I have tons of pathetic (ok, in my world they really aren't pathetic, they are valid and real lol) excuses. Regardless, they keep me from posting sometimes. But I am working on it. I just joined the SITS (The Secrets is in the Sauce, you can see my button) to help encourage me to read more blogs, post more comments, and maybe get a little more posted here too. It seems like a really great concept and I can't wait to see how it goes.

Now I just need to find more interesting subject matter.

For the mundane, my husband is home sick with pneumonia. I know this sound horrible, but I really don't like it when he is home from work during the week. And not only is he just occupying space on the couch, he is whiny. Ugggg. Wish me patience and vast amounts of kindness.


  1. Oh, I write a ton of my head! Maybe half of them get typed into google! I'm always looking for things to take pics of that I could make a blog about.
    Good luck with your husband! I don't like when mine stays home either. He just stays in his office working but then he wants me to make him lunch. I'm doing good if both the baby and I get to eat lunch!

  2. I'm suprised, he hasn't whined much, AND he encouraged me to take a nap!! But the two year old is acting out because Daddy is home and lets him get away with a lot.

  3. Oh honey men are the worst sick patients!! I hate when my hubby is home from work too. It screws up my day. I love you blog so keep it up!

  4. I don't think you suck at all - I have enjoyed reading your posts!

  5. Men are the worst whiners. I think they learn it at their mother's knees. My sons are grown, and I'm pretty sure they are not whiners! They learned early on from this Mamma that it wasn't going to work!

    just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

  6. I always start to blog with the best intentions then life seems to get in the way. lol I feel you there.

    Wishing you lots of patience and hope hubby gets better soon!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  7. I need to work on my blogging as well. Maybe we can be "blogging buddies" to help each other out *giggle*