Monday, November 29, 2010

WOW! I might be on a roll

Two days in a row, lovelies! Isn't it amazing? I think I've figured this blogging thing out. Well, kind of. I just need to have a 2 month old infant that never lets me leave the my nursing chair, aka the desk chair. Hey, it rocks, swivels AND rolls. Sadly, it is the most comfortable seating option we have in this house. (hint DH, we REALLY need new furniture)

We had a wonderful turkey day. And in spite of my fondness for dressing and ham, I managed to lose a pound. I think it's probably because my littlest is sucking me dry. I'm literally drained of energy. Or maybe it's just a sugar crash from all the carb loading that comes along with the turkey. Whatever, I'll take the weight loss, and gladly accept some energy if anyone has some to spare.

Yesterday my husband informed me that he was disappointed in our Thanksgiving spread because there was no pie. ??? I'm pretty sure I made a pecan and a pumpkin pie, and my MIL brought a turtle pie. No, there wasn't any pie because there wasn't any fruit pie. So I made a berry cobbler. From scratch. Like the baking mix from scratch, scratch. It was lovely. Bonus: I have bisquit mix in the freezer now, and I never have run to the store for the pre-made stuff again. I foresee some turkey and dumplings in our near future!

While I was rolling my dough out, my oldest son grabbed his mini roller, the kitchen sponge and a seat on the floor. Want to know what he was making? Sponge Cake!! How brilliant is he?


  1. That is to cute-sponge cake. loved that!
    will keep reading, and thanks for visiting my blog also.

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  3. Spongecake, what a brilliant boy!

    Your secret is safe with me, wink wink!