Thursday, November 18, 2010

I couldn't be happier

That my husband is coming home tonight! My left shoulder is covered in spit up, my teeth have been brushed but my hair hasn't, and I have a headache. That could possibly be a direct result of the bongo pounding and VERY loud rendition of "I miss my Dad, I love my mommy" being sung by Kane. Cute, but my head is pounding in perfect rhythm to the beat of the bongo. I need a mommy time out. Four days of alone with 5 kids is enough.

In other news, we had "oinkmeal" and "ahmal" for breakfast. I'm going to miss the days of oinkmeal when we start just eating plain ol' boring oatmeal.


  1. With 5 kids you have all your laundry done and folded, oh so not fair! I seem to reach the bottom of the mountain and another mountain pops right back up! I have no idea where it comes from. My poor son who is almost 11 wore some pants from the dirties, don't judge me, lol! I just needed him to get to the bus. Actually he is on this kick of only wearing those athletic slicker pants. He had jeans to wear that were clean I might add, but refused. Oh the phases these kids go through!

    Yea for you having your husband back. I think I'm getting a headache myself thinking of bongo banging. Hope you get a break!


  2. I guess I should clarify. I adamantly refuse to do my girls laundry (though the good mother fairy came the other day and I cleaned their room). They are old enough to start a load of laundry and take some personal responsibility.

    The boys *and I lump my husband into the grouping of boys* aren't able to handle the laundry yet, but someday. Actually, my husband is, he just piles it up once it's clean and does the sift thru to find what I want to wear routine. Bugs the heck out of me, so I fold and put away.

    The bongo mysteriously disappeared. And shall never be spoken of, or heard from again.