Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ch-ch-cha-Changes (you have to sing it with me now!)

You might be noticing that things appear a tad different, then again you might not! Melissa (Ethan's Mom) was very sweet to send me a note that my facebook followers feed was eating into my blog posts. No matter how I tried to tweak the other layout it just wouldn't work. So I set out to find a new template. It was so easy this time! And because I had a dose of good Karma coming my way, the new design required no searching or tweaking, it compliments my new Hyena Cart design so very nicely. That's one change.

I've mentioned the new hyena cart (Grand Opening November 15th!) store, but what I didn't mention is that I got a new logo as well! Heather of Dragonfly Designs did a fantastic job of designing my store front and logo! She does beautiful work.

Second, We are ditching dryer sheets and saving gas! I've been repurposing with a purpose. I love, I mean love with all caps LOVE working with wool. Sadly I can't knit or crochet to save my life (sorry Grandma, I tried) so using thrifted wool sweaters is my means to getting fabulous wool for diaper cover and such. (side note; did you all know you can actually use wool IN your diapers as a soaker? With no special washing routine too boot! Amazing stuff, I'll show you how tomorrow.) Anyways, I found a fantastic, X-Large 100% wool mens sweater and made a cover plus two pairs of longies. There were some scraps and the frugal part of me hated to just throw them away. I took some of the scraps, wadded them into a ball, then wrapped them up tightly with my wool yarn (leftovers from my last attempt at knitting). Then I took more of the scraps, cut leaf shapes out of it, sewed them together and stuffed the yarn ball into my sewn ball. Hand stitched the opening closed, stuffed THAT into a knee high pantyhose and tied a knot. Repeated the process two more times and then washed and dried on hot twice. I now have some nicely felted wool dryer balls. I LOVE them.

Last share of the day because this is becoming a novel. Did you see those two absolutely fabulous animal print diapers?! Those are being submitted to the pattern maker of the Happy Snap One Size (great diaper!) for licensee approval. I had to temporarily give up on drafting my own diaper pattern. I just don't have the time right now and would like to use a widely popular diaper in my stores. One that has a tested fit and I know works (not that mine don't work, they have just only been tested on my kiddos). I'm crossing my fingers, but regardless these will be listed on my hyena cart.

Kuddos and cookies to you if you made it through all my rambling!


  1. Yey for your new page!! I was sad I couldn't ever read your first post. I love the recycled wool ball idea. I want to make dryer balls for christmas and that is a great way to do it. I'll have to go to the thrift store now!

  2. I wish I could claim it as an original idea, but I had to google how to do it for a general idea. I can't wait to make some more (though I doubt I'll be giving them away as gifts, my family thinks I'm an insane crunchy chick lol). Thank you again for the tip, it always appeared fine on my computer/browser, but I like this layout better.

  3. I love the animal print diapers. Very cute!